Another Worcester-Bosch boiler hack

I decided to automate my heating system after being inspired by Steven Hale’s phenomenal original work

This post is a whistle-stop tour in pictures and video of my take on Steve’s method of reverse engineering the 433MHz signals sent from my DT10RF MK2 thermostat, to enable a node-RED system to be built around my home heating system for more flexible monitoring and control. Many thanks go to Steve for paving the way to make this build a reality.

SDR dongle (ebay listing here):

Captured raw 433MHz signal in audacity:

Prototyping and testing 433MHz transmission with an arduino uno:

ESP8266 firmware support for complex peripherals:

ESP8266 firmware support for MQTT:

Built widget on stripboard in enclosure:

Enclosed widget:

node-RED MQTT connected flow:

node-RED dashboard page 1:

node-RED dashboard page 2:

node-RED dashboard page 3:

node-RED dashboard page 4:

The video: